The Morris K. Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson Disease Research at the University of Rochester

A better tomorrow
for Parkinson's

Our vision is to allow anyone anywhere to participate in research and receive care.

The goals of the UR-Udall Center

A new generation of researchers

Train the first generation spanning clinical research and computational science.

Breaking new ground for Parkinson's research

Conduct the first U.S. virtual natural history cohort study of LRRK2 carriers.

Biostatistical & computer science excellence

The UR-Udall Center will combine biostatistical and computer science expertise.

The Future of Research

Accelerating Parkinson’s research through disease modeling, virtual visits, and novel sensors

Current research tools and approaches are insufficient to address the Parkinson pandemic. New digital tools can model disease progression, simulate clinical trials, engage research participants anywhere they are, and provide objective, frequent assessments in real-world settings.

Compassionate & Inclusive Engagement

Deep-rooted engagement with the Parkinson's community

The UR-UDALL Center is committed to working hand in hand with the Parkinson’s community.