Awards & Accomplishments

We recognize the outstanding contributions of our research teams
and collaborators within the University of Rochester and across the world.

Dr. Ehsan Hoque
Dr. Ehsan Hoque (Project Lead, Project 4.2/PARK Video Analytics) was named one of 10 Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Scholars by the National Academy of Medicine in May 2020.
Dr. Monica Javidnia
Dr. Monica Javidnia (Project 1/Modeling and Simulation) was designated a 2019-2020 TEDMED Research Scholar.

Dr. Zach Kabelac
Dr. Zach Kabelac (Project 4.3/Emerald) was named to 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 in December 2019, and recently launched a startup, Emerald Innovations.

Dr. Karlo Lizarraga
Dr. Karlo Lizarraga(Projects 3 & 4)is a TRANSCENDS Scholar (Sponsor: AAN / MUSC (NIH R25: NS098999-01). He joined the faculty at the University of Rochester in 2019 as an Assistant Professor of Neurology.
Dr. Jiebo Luo
Dr. Jiebo Luo (Advanced Analytics Core) begins his 3-year term as the Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Multimedia in January 2020.

Dr. Chris Tarolli
Dr. Christopher Tarolli (Projects 3 & 4) joined the University of Rochester faculty as an Assistant Professor of Neurology in 2019 after completing a T32 Neurology fellowship.

Dr. Charles Venuto
Dr. Charles Venuto (Project 1) was promoted to Associate Professor of Neurology in January 2020.